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The Europe is a one-person dinghy designed in Belgium in 1960 by Alois Roland as a class legal Moth dinghy. The design later evolved into its own one-design class. From 1992 to 2008, the Europe was the Women's Single Handed Dinghy equipment for the Olympic Games with Shirley Robertson winning a gold medal for Great Britain at the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000. Europe sailors both past and present are certain that the Europe is the ideal single handed dinghy, being technical, exciting and fun. The Europe remains a very popular class on the continent and there is a strong and growing fleet in the UK, with a fun and friendly community surrounding the UK class!

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Europe Dinghy sail recycling

You can now recycle your end of life Europe sails through Sustainable Sailing; they can break them down into their fundamental building blocks and reform these building blocks into new sails, or entirely new products. The Europe Class was one of the first to develop an association with Sustainable Sailing who will offer a discount. Checkout their website.