Making a

Carbon Rudder

The basis of this rudder stock is two sheets of high strength carbon fibre sheet 2mm thick and measuring 25 x 22.5 cm. These are stock items from Easycomposites part numbers CFS-RI-2-0056. From this are cut the cheek plates, the four plates for the construction of the pintles/gudgeons, the top strip between the side cheeks, and the front strip between the cheeks. This is best done with an oscillating saw and a high quality curved blade.

200gsm carbon 2x2 twill cloth for the tiller. I had some spare 18mm carbon fibre tube woven finish CFT-WF-18-16-1 which I split to put on the sides of the tiller (optional) some unidirectional carbon cloth, and a length of braided sleeve 40mm size (optional).

The assembly starts with a temporary spacer between the cheek plates the same thickness as the rudder blade and the glueing of top and front strips in place to hold the cheek plates. The pintle bushes are ertalyte (delrin type material) held in place with unidirectional carbon strips that also serve to reinforce the sides. Plates for the attachment to the transom fittings are positioned as required to comply with the measurement requirements. This must all be lined up with an 8mm steel pin in place. Once these components are fixed in position the bushes are secured with many strips of unidirectional carbon which also further reinforce the side cheeks.

The captions on each picture should explain the rest!